There’s a relatively popular workout/diet/self-development program called “75HARD”:


This is the type of program that requires you to develop and use mental toughness. You have to be very intense doing it, and you have to maintain that level of intensity for at least 75 days — probably more because it’s likely you’ll fail at least once.

When I look at transformation pictures, I see that it obviously has results, and my theory is this: there’s a certain type of person that will see results from this precisely because it’s so difficult to maintain. Like, you can’t decide to do 75HARD on a whim, or just as a side thing, or to complement your existing workout routine. You actually have to go all in on it, it has to become the main thing you “do” for at least 75 days, and that’s what gets you results, the commitment.

I’ve spent the better part of my 20s in this “go mode”. My results have been sporadic. Really good when I get the results, but it’s not consistently easy to consistently get them! I have never done 75HARD itself, but I’ve done intense regimes that require commitment and willpower. Works really well when it works, but again, doesn’t work if it’s not the main thing you’re doing.

So I decided to do an experiment. What if I take 75HARD but reverse it? Enter 100EASY:

  1. Two movement sessions per day:
    1. Practice: intentional work on a physical skill. Examples: dancing, martial arts, weightlifting, rock climbing.
    2. “Passive” movement: non-skill-building movement that raises the baseline of activity. Examples: taking a walk, doing physical labor, housecleaning.
  2. Follow a plant-based diet with 90% success rate.
    • Allowed foods: minimally processed plants.
    • Alcohol in moderation.
    • Meat, highly processed foods - occasionally but rarely (10%).
  3. No cannabis. No smoking in general.

Repeat for 100 days. If you fail at any point, go back 10 days.

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s cheap, it fits my lifestyle perfectly. Will it bring me results? I don’t know, that’s the point of this experiment. I’m currently on day 13 and it’s been… easy!

Update day 15:

I’m adding another 90%-success-rate rule: Don’t eat before 10 AM and after 19 PM (ideally after 18 PM).