This is a now page. It’s my public declaration of priorities. You can see when it was last updated under the title.


I’ve recently moved to a more rural area and have the great luck to work fully remotely (if I want to). For work, I write documentation (techwriting) and automate document publishing pipelines (DocOps). It’s a very rewarding job that matches my skillset pretty good.

Most days, I work from home, overlooking the forest, listening to the sound of crickets in the summer.

Professional learning

Work and personal interests sort of blend because they’re both cybersecurity, so it’s sometimes hard to separate when is work, and when is personal learning. In that in-between category, I spend my days learning Bash (I’m doing the mentorship track), and I focus on studying for the OSCP certification.

Personal interests

I tend to read a lot. Right now, I’m going through Ian Shapiro’s course: Power and Politics in Today’s World.

I take a lot of notes (using Obsidian) and ocasionally publish a fact post but not nearly as much as I’d want to. Some people are really prolific with their writing, and I’m really really not.


I’m building a wooden fence.


BJJ, but with a focus on “wrestling up”. I’m done with rubber guard and leglock bullshit. The whole point of training martial arts is to increase my odds of survival in the unlikely event I get into a fight. If I wanted to train just for health benefits, I could have chosen lifting weights and running. So I’m grappling, and I’m wrestling, and if I happen to find myself on my back, I’m getting up.