Using AI is disrespectful

I just got sent a link to an AI platform that can be used to generate videos. Their selling point is that you can make instructional videos by simply typing up a prompt, and they’ll generate a human-looking avatar who’ll say all the right things.

People complain for a bunch of reasons around the use of AI, for example whether it’s ethical for companies to profit off scraping the public domain and training their AI models on that.

That (and others) are good questions, but I think there’s another, more banal aspect to complain about, and that is that using AI is disrespectful.

If you make me watch your grotesque video about avoiding phishing, and I know that you didn’t even bother to present yourself, that’s somehow even worse than if you’re making me watch your own abominable video where you did present.

Your email reads like ChatGPT? Oh, thank you my lord, for responding to this humble peasant; I know you don’t have time and can’t be bothered to stoop so low as to type up the words yourself, so your aide was the one to write, yet I appreciate you responding.

Where have we collectively gone astray? How did we go from “hey, can you see if this email is clear enough” to “can you write a response to this email?”.

AND THEN how the hell did we decide to put that into overdrive and reach for new levels of abomination, making goddamn AI VIDEO?

Jesus Christ, at least I can skim through your dumbass email and get to the point, I can’t do that with your video.

Those who want respect, give respect