Weight loss

Thinking about weight loss:

I’m currently at around 96 kg of body weight. For the last couple of years, this number has been steadily increasing. After trying out 100EASY, I decided to go back to counting calories as my main method of losing weight. 100EASY is really good for maintaining weight, but it didn’t help me lose it, and I did it for more than 100 days because of the in-built -10 day jumps whenever a day isn’t complete.

I’ve thought about why I am trying to lose weight. There are several reasons:

…but the biggest one is this: I know what the future looks like.

I currently don’t need to lose weight: I look fine, very average. I wouldn’t categorize myself as fat at all. But if I just extrapolate from my current body weight trend, I can see that I’ll be around 110, maybe 120 kg when I am 40 or 50 years old. How hard will it be to lose weight then? Much harder. And at that point, I actually will be fat. And to make things worse, extrapolating another trend - the complexity and difficulty of my life - it seems like it’s not going to get any better when I’m 40. And this is to be expected for anyone - people get children, they change jobs, maybe they change careers, health issues occur. It’s just going to get more difficult in general, and adding an extra 20-30 kg of padding on top of that will just make things worse.

So the greatest reason to lose weight today is to help yourself 10 years from now. Allow that person to be in a position where they need to lose 10 kg, instead of 20 or 30. Or ideally, give them such a gift that they need not lose any weight. Losing weight today means giving the gift of health to your future self.